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Frequently Asked Questions About Hearing

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Bilateral hearing loss is a loss of hearing in both ears. Bilateral hearing loss can range from mild to severe and affects millions of people of all ages. It is very common to lose hearing in both ears.

Restarting your hearing aids will depend on the exact model and brand. For many types though, you will hold the volume button down for 3 seconds. The LED light will flash red and will play four descending tones. To turn them back on, hold the volume button for 2 seconds. The LED light will flash green and the start tune will play.

At Hear Well, we carry a variety of devices, including small invisible hearing aids. Invisible in the canal hearing aids sit inside your ear canal, so no one will even notice you are wearing them. Small hearing aids such as these devices are a great option for those with mild to moderate hearing loss who don’t want their hearing aids to be showing.

We offer a 30-day free trial on hearing aids, so you can see how you like them before you buy. We understand hearing aids are an investment, and we want you to feel comfortable that you are making the right decision when you receive hearing aids from us. If you are concerned about price, we offer hearing aid financing. Please contact our office to learn more.

Yes, drinking any kind of alcohol can make the symptoms of tinnitus worse. This is because alcohol causes your blood vessels to relax and expand. When this occurs blood flow increases throughout your entire body, including your ears, which can make tinnitus louder. If you have severe tinnitus, alcohol should be avoided or consumed in low quantities.

Hearing aids have an average lifespan of 5-7 years. To get the most out of your devices, it’s important to care for them properly and to bring them in for regular cleanings and maintenance. Many hearing aid manufacturers release new hearing aid technology every 3-5 years and we have noticed many patients like to upgrade their devices sooner to take advantage of the new technology.

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